Onglyza Lawsuit Commercial

Published on July 21, 2015 by Sandy Liebhard

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Did you recently view an Onglyza lawsuit commercial? These advertisements are now airing on TV networks across the country, urging patients who may have been harmed by this medication to consider legal action against its manufacturer. Onglyza and Kombliglyze XR are Type 2 diabetes medications that contain saxaglipitin, an active ingredient that appeared to increase the risk of heart failure in a recent clinical trial. The nationwide law firm of Bernstein Liebhard LLP is actively monitoring the U.S. Food & Drug Administration’s (FDA) ongoing review of saxaglipitin, and our attorneys are eager to speak with anyone who may have been hospitalized for heart failure while using either one of these drugs. To learn more, please contact our office today by calling .

FDA Onglyza Safety Review

Onglyza and Kombliglyze XR are both known as incretin mimetics, and belong to a class of Type 2 diabetes medications that lower blood sugar by mimicking incretin hormones in the intestinal tract. Onglyza contains the active ingredient saxaglipitin, while Kombliglyze XR is a combination of saxaglipitin metformin. The FDA approved Onglyza in 2009, and Kombliglyze XR was cleared for sale in 2010.

As noted in Onglyza lawsuit commercials, the FDA has been investigating a possible link between saxaglipitin and heart failure since February 2014. The review was launched after data from the SAVOR-TIMI 53 clinical trial was published in The New England Journal of Medicine the previous October, and suggested that patients treated with saxagliptin were 27% more likely to be hospitalized for heart failure compared to those treated with a placebo.

In April 2015, the FDA convened a meeting of its Endocrinologic and Metabolic Drugs Advisory Committee to examine evidence linking Onglyza and Kombliglyze XR to heart failure. By a 14-to-1 vote, the panel recommended that the drugs’ labels should be modified with new warnings regarding their potential association with this condition. One panel member voted in favor of withdrawing the two medications from the U.S. market entirely.

How Filing an Onglyza Lawsuit Can Help

Congestive heart failure is an extremely serious complication that has wide-ranging consequences for a patient’s health and well-being. As the condition progresses and the heart grows weaker, it becomes more and more difficult for the body’s cells to obtain the oxygen and nutrients needed for normal function. Onglyza and Kombliglyze XR patients who experience heart failure may face years of expensive medical treatments, permanent disability, and even death.

Pharmaceutical companies have a duty to warn patients and doctors about any side effects potentially associated with their medications. When they fail to do so, those injured as a result are entitled to hold drug makers accountable in a court of law. Filing an Onglyza lawsuit may enable the alleged victims of heart failure and their families to obtain compensation for any injury-related damages they incurred, including:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Past and future medical expenses
  • Lost income or employment
  • Permanent disability
  • Emotional distress
  • Wrongful death
  • Loss of consortium

Obtain a Free Onglyza Legal Review Today

Now is the time to seek the advice of an attorney if an Onglyza lawsuit commercial has you wondering about your legal options. If your or a loved one were hospitalized with heart failure following treatment with Onglyza or Kombliglyze XR, Bernstein Liebhard LLP can help. Please call to discuss your case with our legal staff today.

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